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...lettuce pray

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Hi, I'm Aimee. My friends call me Aims. I live and work in Seattle, Washington.

One of my New Years Resolutions for 2007 was to cook one new-to-me recipe per week. I decided to chronicle my experiment here -- partially so I could keep track of the recipes I've made, and partially so I'd be accountable to stick to my goal.

2007 came and went and I did pretty well. Cooking evolved into an even more enjoyable hobby for me as a result of my resolution. I've kept this blog and continue to add to it.

Some other items to note:

• I try to be sure to tag my entries here. Some of the older posts don’t have adequate tags, but one of these days I’ll get around to fixing that.

• I’m lactose intolerant, so you probably won’t see recipes here that are very dairy-heavy.

• Despite living on the West Coast, I do not like seafood in any form. I’ve had this aversion all my life, but I’m open to the possibility that my tastes could change…maybe. Someday.

• My favorite cuisine is Italian, so you might notice a bias towards risotto, pasta, and other Italian recipes.

• I live 1 block away from Whole Foods, and sometimes I hit up the recipe page for inspiration.

• I’m also a fan of local Farmer’s Markets.

• I try to buy organic whenever I can, depending on the ingredient.

• Once my friends and family got wind of my newfound love for cooking, they took full advantage. However, they are also great about supporting it! Over the course of a year, my boyfriend got me a subscription to Cooking Light, my brother got me a subscription to Bon Appetit, and my mom got me a new KitchenAid mixer and a new set of knives.

• My mixer’s name is Didi. I may refer to her in my posts. If you’re curious why her name is Didi, just ask. ;)

• Sometimes I make mistakes or a recipe turns out yucky. It happens. I’m no expert, I’m just having fun.

• I love cooking for my friends and entertaining. I’m all about dinner parties and feeding large groups of people, though sometimes my life is too busy to do that as often as I’d like.

• The most useful frivolous kitchen item I’ve purchased to date is one of these. The least useful is one of these.

• I love having the kitchen to myself, and sometimes I like to crank the radio up and sing and dance around the kitchen during prep work.

And that’s the culinary nutshell version of me. Welcome to my cooking blog. Grab a fork and dig in!