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Butterfly Pizza with Roasted Green Beans and Corn on the Cob

I recently signed up to receive produce through New Roots Organics and my first bin came last Tuesday. It was very exciting!

I ordered the smaller “personal” bin and it contained: 1 peach, 4 Santa Rosa plums, 1 cucumber, 1 bunch of basil, 1 bunch of Romaine lettuce, 1 ½ pint of cherry tomatoes, 2 ears of bi-color corn, 1 bunch of spinach, 2 yellow zucchini, a hefty bunch of green beans, and 3 heirloom potatoes.

I was so excited when it arrived that I immediately started cooking with it. I made butterfly pizza with roasted green beans and corn on the cob.

For the green beans, we washed them, snapped off the ends, and tossed them with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Threw ‘em on a cookie sheet and baked around 350 or so for about 15 minutes.

The ears of corn were shucked, washed, and boiled in salt water. They turned out so succulent and flavorful that they didn’t even need butter.

The pizza was fairly simple. We just used a pre-made Boboli crust with some red sauce and layered pepperoni, cheese, fresh basil, and cherry tomatoes on top. Basically a margherita with pepperoni.

The basil leaves are nearly the size of my palm and I couldn’t get over how pretty they were. I got the idea to make a butterfly, which you can see below. Basil wings, mozzarella body, peppercorn eyes, and roasted green bean antennae. I took it apart before the pizza went into the oven. Chopped up the wings and dispersed them over the top of the pie.

It was fun. I can’t wait for my next bin to arrive!

Produce prep:

Butterfly Pizza:

Finished Pizza:

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